Scott Wilson

Executive Director

Michael Acosta

Dominican Director

Kimberly Majure

Financial Manager

Chuck Newton

Director of Operations

Vilma Tham

Haitian Director


Administrative Assistant / Sponsorship Coordinator

HMM is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, that focuses on connecting the local community to the local church in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We know the more we support the local church, the more God will work in and through that church to make disciples in their community.

To accomplish the mission, HMM is focused on 3 main areas:

  1. Encourage the LOCAL church and community
    • Community Activities
    • Medical / Dental Clinics
    • Building homes, schools, church buildings
    • Mission Teams
    • Water wells
  2. Equipping the Believers 
    • Training churches
    • Bible studies
    • Retreats
    • Discipling Groups
    • Conferences
  3. Empowering the Leaders
    • Pastor Training
    • Church Planting
    • Sending Missionaries
    • Long-term Partnerships
    • Leadership Development

HMM’s desire is that God will continue to use this organization to bless the people of the Hispaniola Island and around the world.

Our History

In 1998, Tim Dortch (Founder of HMM) was asked to join his first mission trip to Haiti when a friend found out he could install solar panels. God planted the seed and desire in his heart to share the gospel where no one else wanted to go. Tim went on multiple trips to Haiti after that one, and the desire and need to help the Haitian people grew stronger with each trip. 

After several mission trips, Haiti went through a time where it was unsafe for Americans to travel there and this put a barricade on the Haitian ministry. During this time, God opened the door to extend the ministry on the Hispaniola Island to the Dominican Republic side. Tim felt led to build a compound in Barahona and minister to the people in the Dominican Republic. Thus, God created HMM and started unfolding the ministry to the whole island.

In 2005, HMM was established as a non-profit organization ministering in the Dominican Republic and still seeking to help His people in Haiti. God started numerous projects through HMM that flourished in the Dominican Republic.

On January 12, 2010, when the earthquake hit Haiti, God started to unveil His purpose and plan for the future of HMM. Questions that had been unanswered for so long were being proclaimed. The mission house in Barahona and access into Haiti from the Dominican Republic allowed HMM to deliver supplies to the Haitian people when others could not.

Sadly, in March 2014,  Tim was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder that would claim his life in a few short months. Tim’s passing began a new chapter in the HMM story. God continues to open so many doors in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti and other parts of the world; He has allowed HMM to bless so many people through projects and mission teams.

HMM Board & Mission Advisory Team

Ruthie Moss

President, Board of Directors
Columbus, MS

Lily Corl

Jackson, MS

Dr. Woody Brand

Board of Directors
Amory, MS

Dr. Greg Browning

Board of Directors
French Camp, MS

Harvey Dortch

MISSions advisory team
Florence, MS

Barry Honeycutt

Board of Directors
Columbus, MS

Dr. Patrick Singley

MISSions advisory team
Columbus, MS

Jeff Walters

Board of Directors
Rueil-Malmaison, France