Remembering Tim 2018 by Scott Wilson (HMM Exec. Dir.)
May 24, 2018

It has been four years. It sounds like a lot when you say it. It seems like a short time when you think about it. Four years ago my friend, Tim Dortch, passed away. Tim was the one who answered God’s calling to start HMM. Tim was the one that invited me into this incredible journey. Tim is the one who was crazy enough to go and compassionate enough to bring others with him.

Until now, I have never written much about Tim. Over the years following his passing, I have thought about him almost every day. Although I only knew him for a few years, God used him to rearrange my life for His glory and I am very grateful for that.

Tim was a visionary. He saw things and charged after them. I am thankful that he did it the way he did it. Because of the work God did through Tim, HMM has been able to continue beyond the day Tim died. Because of his faith and “Git ‘Er Done” attitude, a foundation was laid that God has used to impact more lives.

Tim was a friend – not to just me but to many. He wanted others to be involved in what God was doing. He was quick to invite you to travel with him to the Dominican Republic and to Haiti. He was willing to sacrifice his time for anyone and everyone. He was a friend to many people on the island of Hispaniola – not just those involved in the ministry but to everyone he met.

Tim was an inspiration. He inspired so many to follow God’s calling and to give God the glory for everything. He not only did this through words of encouragement but through his own actions, his own life. He was an example.

Tim was a missionary. Often this term is misunderstood. Tim understood it. Our mission is to “Go make disciples of all nations.” Tim did this. He desired to make disciples in the Dominican Republic, in Haiti, and in his own community. He discipled and mentored many. It never seemed that he thought he had to do it. He did it because that is who he was.

I am thankful for my short time with Tim. I am thankful that I have the privilege to continue the work God started in Tim. The anniversary of Tim’s death causes me to reflect on what the Lord has been doing through HMM since his passing and how thankful I am to be a part. Four years ago this day Tim went to be with our Heavenly Father. Three years ago this day I was preparing to serve in Haiti alongside so many impacted by Tim. Two years ago this day I was serving in Cuba with Harvey Dortch (Tim’s father). One year ago this day I had just returned from the Dominican Republic where I spent time with our HMM staff to prepare for the summer. And TODAY, I am home after being in Haiti and the DR for a week, thankful for all that God is doing, all that God has done, and all that God will do through HMM.

Thank you Tim for living a life that will outlive you. To God be the Glory.