July 1, 2013
July 13, 2013
by Erin from Kosciusko, Miss. 

I am very blessed to have found a career in emergency medicine that I absolutely love. The adrenaline in caring for critical patients is a passion and dream that I am so thankful to be living. However, nursing in an area where health care is as available as picking up a phone can easily lead to becoming burned out.
I am so very fortunate to have had my heart and eyes opened to the needs of the people of Haiti. A renewed sense of purpose comes in seeing patients walk half a day for Advil and vitamins, then seeing them being so grateful for receiving them. The medicine we were able to dispense will only last for a few days, but the love, comfort and hope it gave allowed the patients to see the love of God. While the Haitians are living in dire and unfathomable circumstances, caring for and loving these amazing people means so much to them. At times the magnitude of the needs is overwhelming, but those few that you are able to help really does make a difference. I have found  that even though I am going to help them, I am the one being changed. 
HMM has been a huge blessing in my life. I am so grateful to have been a small part of its amazing vision. I very much look forward to the opportunity to return. 
If you stop your ears to the cries of the poor, your cries will go unheard, unanswered. Proverbs 21:13