COVID-19 March Update
March 18, 2020

As the uncertainty of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues, HMM is asking each of you to please be in prayer with us as we actively monitor this situation and how it affects our staff, volunteers, and those we serve on the island.

Here are the current action steps we are taking as a ministry:

1) All teams/trips to the island of Hispaniola are suspended until October 1.
We have contacted the churches, pastors, and/or team leaders this will affect.

2) If you currently have a mission trip booked with HMM past October 1, please wait before making any final plans to postpone your trip. We realize you are facing deadlines with airlines. If at all possible, please do not postpone or cancel your upcoming mission trip until we see how quickly this situation can clear up.We ask that you contact our staff (Scott or Chuck) before making your final decision. We will give you our most current update to assist in making your decision.

3) If you have to cancel your trip, please consider making a donation to HMM to help continue the ministry on the ground. HMM ministers to the people in the Dominican Republic and Haiti year-round regardless if teams are there to assist or not. We want to continue to resource our leaders on the ground through this difficult time.

4) The Mixon Family (American HMM missionaries living in Polo, DR) are flying back stateside today (March 18). Please be praying for them as they travel. Also, pray for the communities they serve in Polo.

Here is what you can do now to help:

1) Pray

Please pray for our pastors and leaders on the ground as they are the church in their community. Pray for God to give them wisdom and discernment during this time. Pray that God will be made known during this season of unknowing.

Please pray for your pastor and leaders in your community. Your pastor (just like the pastors on the island) are seeking how to lead and serve in uncharted territory. They need your encouragement and prayers.

Please pray for HMM. We are making every effort to support the ministry in the DR and Haiti through this crisis. We are confident that God is the Great Provider and Protector. Please pray as we navigate through this to ensure our friends, faith family, and people we love are served well and God is glorified.

2) Give
We need churches, organizations and you now more than ever to give to support the ministry that you have come to know and love. Because teams are not traveling to the island does not mean ministry is at a stand still. However, HMM does depend on teams to help provide resources (materials, supplies and finances). Right now the other thing we can do, beyond praying, is give. Please support this ministry with a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly supporter of HMM.

To give, go to our website or download our app, click give and follow the screen prompts.

When you give right now, you will be supporting pastors, churches, orphan care centers, teachers and schools, and other ministries that are essential during this time.

It is disappointing that we cannot travel right now to serve together, but we can continue to serve and minister to the wonderful people of the DR and Haiti by praying and giving.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing,

Scott Wilson
Executive Director, HMM

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