Dominican Republic - Sponsor A Child Today!

Your contribution of $25.00 per month will help pay tuition, uniform, books and other supplies for your sponsored child. In addition, each sponsored child receives a medical and dental checkup annually.

Children waiting on sponsors

Alondra Nicol Medina Charles
DOB: 4/17/2009
Age: 15
Arianny Urbaez Reyes
DOB: 2/21/2009
Age: 15
Grade: 3rd
Elianny Alcantara Gomez
DOB: 8/17/2011
Age: 12
Joanny Jasmin Medina
DOB: 4/05/2011
Age: 13
Lizbeth Cuevas (Lorena)
DOB: 1/10/2007
Age: 17
Grade: 6th
Luis Daniel Encarnacion Cuevas
DOB: 3/21/2007
Age: 17
Grade: 4th
Luiz Jose Diaz Terrero
DOB: 10/10/2010
Age: 13
Perla Maciel Medina Feliz
DOB: 10/07/2007
Age: 16
Grade: 4th
Ricardo Chan Lendo
DOB: 10/12/2006
Age: 17

Currently Sponsored