Haiti - Sponsor A Child Today!

Your contribution of $25.00 per month will help pay tuition, uniform, books and other supplies for your sponsored child. In addition, each sponsored child receives a medical and dental checkup annually.

Children waiting on sponsors

Colson Dorceus
Age: 19
Grade: 7th
Dieunika Jean
Age: 12
Esterlinda “Sandra” Jean
Age: 13
Grade: 6th
Jeanine Jean
Age: 7
Grade: 1st
JN Ronel “Tilyann” Erilus
Age: 15
Grade: 4th
Merit “TaTa” Maitre
Age: 17
Grade: 5th
Nahomie Wilinot
Age: 14
Grade: 6th
Peterson Eteleau
Age: 18
Grade: 4th

Children Currently Sponsored